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Who we are:

We are a full service production company specializing in live events and installations. We also offer retail sales and other specialized services such as live remote recording and broadcasting. We provide audio, lighting, staging, video, backline, A/V equipment, convention gear (pipe and drape, carpeting, etc.), and power equipment; all in-house. We have a service-focused business model, while also staying very competitively priced. Pro Production Services prides itself on long-term relationships and has been able to maintain a wide scope of diversity in projects. We have extensive experience working with “made for television” type productions. We have serviced all of the television networks in town as well as, Fox News Channel, and MTV. We have also provided services for dozens of political events, mostly involving our White House/Presidential clientele. We handle many large festivals and concerts throughout the year, which include both indoor and outdoor, arena and nightclub style productions. Our event sizes range from 40,000+ to small break-out rooms.

What we Do:

Pro Production Services continues to focus on loyal, lasting relationships with our ever widening list of customers. With a greatly expanded inventory and wider offering of services, Pro Production Services offers a complete set of solutions to meet your creative goals.  This means skillfully applying design, form, and experience to your specific objective. Our proven track record, experienced staff, state of the art inventory, and continual endeavor for excellence assures our clients an advantage to the successful presentation of their project.
Pro Production Services
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Director of Operations:
Donovan M. Mote
donovan [at] proproductionservices [dot] com

Account Executive:
Ryan Driscoll
ryan [at] proproductionservices [dot] com